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The centuries-old tradition of our ham is based on solid documentation, Since the time of the Serenissima Republic, and its processing has remained faithful to those techniques that used only salt to bring the ham to aging. The name Ducale wants to remain linked to the core values of the company, such as quality and tradition, recalling one of the symbols of our beloved Venice, the Doge’s Palace, emblem of prestige and nobility.


Already in 1400, Michele Savonarola, doctor, dietician and gastronome from Padua, talked of our ham, of elegant, lively and full taste, coming from a perfect balance between the choice of raw material, salting times, weight of ham, aging time and conditions. Its aroma is delicate and personal, a classic for the most refined tables.


Good because it respects the welfare of pigs.
Good because it respects the environment.
Good to the palate because it has the taste of the Venetian tradition.


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