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Already in 1400, Michele Savonarola, doctor, dietician and gastronome from Padua, talked of our ham, of elegant, lively and full taste, coming from a perfect balance between the choice of raw material, salting times, weight of ham, aging time and conditions. Its aroma is delicate and personal, a classic for the most refined tables.

Prosciutto Veneto responds to characteristics expressly indicated by the law of the State and by the EC Regulation, which protect its designation of origin regarding the places of production, the quality of the meat, the processing systems, product specifications and markings.

Technical Charateristics


18-24 Months
at Ducale Prosciuttificio
in Barbarano Vicentino (Veneto)

Aged weight

8 kg – 12 kg


Whole 6 kg -10 kg
Half 3 kg – 5 kg
Slice 500 gr


Bulk with bone
Vacuum deboned

Medium nutritional values per serving of 50gr

Energy value: Kcal 136 / KJ 568
Protein: g 12,9
Carbohydrates: g 0,1

Saturated: g 3,3
Monounsaturated: g 4,3
Polyunsaturated: g 1,4

Sodium content: g 0,89
Phosphorus: mg 92; 13,1 % RDA*
Potassium: mg 291; 14,5 % RDA*
Zinc mg: 1,19;11,9 % RDA*

Vitamina B1: mg 0,34; 30,9 % RDA*
Vitamina B2: mg 0,10; 7,1 % RDA*
Vitamina B6: mg; 0,52; 37,1 % RDA*
Vitamina PP: mg 2,57; 16,0 % RDA*

*RDA recommended daily ration Average nutritional values


Good because it respects the welfare of pigs.
Good because it respects the environment.
Good to the palate because it has the taste of the Venetian tradition.


In full respect of the oldest tradition, from the wise hand of the Venetian agriculture, in the thirty-year experience of the Guerriero family, from which come meat of first quality.

Meat obtained from an ad hoc production system to get homogeneous thighs, supported by the standardized feeding of pigs from each farm with which the family has established a ten-year relationship of trust.

Our hams come exclusively from pigs born, reared and slaughtered in our territory, with full respect for the welfare of the animals and the whole environment in which we live.

Why do we believe so strongly in the value of territoriality in a world where borders are slowly being eliminated? Territoriality is synonymous of tradition and quality, and EC Regulation No 1/2005 goes in our own direction, limiting as far as possible the transportation of animals, in consideration of their welfare. The proximity between the farm and the slaughterhouse provides greater comfort for the animals, which are instead usually stressed by long journeys. Obviously, the close distance of rearing, slaughtering and ham-making also leads to fewer emissions due to means of transport, which can cover less of kilometres.


Each breeder recognized by the Consortium has an identification code that imprints on each thigh. In this way every ham has an indelible tattoo, its identity card, which guarantees its traceability without the help of particular management and control systems.

Slaughterhouses must also be authorised for the purposes of DOP, in accordance with the Veneto DOP General Discipline “C.3 The raw material comes from a geographical area larger than the processing area, which includes the administrative territory of the following regions: Veneto, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria and Lazio (Italy)”

Law 4 November 1981 Nº 628 Art. 1 “The name Prosciutto Veneto (Berico Euganeo) is reserved for ham whose production stages, from salting to full aging, take place in the typical geographical area of production identified in the territory comprising the municipalities of Montagnana, Saletto, Ospedaletto Euganeo, Este, Noventa Vicentina, Sossano, Sarego, Lonigo, Alonte, Orgiano, Pressana, Roveredo di Guà, Pojana Maggiore, Barbarano, Villaga, depending on its organoleptic and product characteristics, on the conditions of the production environment and on the particular methods of the processing technique.

In these hams, each leg has the metal seal of the Consorzio di Tutela del Prosciutto Veneto DOP, indicating the month and year of the beginning of salting and processing.

Reached the minimum aged required by the Law of Protection, the Inspector of the Certification Institute carries out the quality control by means of a horse-bone pin that allows to assess the conformity of the ham with the standards of the Regulations. However, only after a series of chemical and physical analyses on the monthly production batches, which will have to be subjected to precise values, the ham is considered suitable and is branded with the winged lion of San Marco above the writing VENETO, a symbol personalized with a number for each producer that guarantees the characteristics protected by the Law.

Bearing the brand name of the producer, Prosciutto Veneto D.O.P. is then ready to be sold. The long aging enhances the aroma, taste and fragrance, result of the long and patient work of the Venetian Prosciuttai Masters.


Derived from pigs reared in Italy, not subject to DOP specifications, sees in its production the exclusive use of salt. It has faster seasoning times and lighter sizes than protected ham.

Technical charateristics


12 – 18 Months
at Ducale Prosciuttificio
in Barbarano Vicentino (VI)

Aged weight

6 kg – 10 kg


Whole 4,5 kg – 8 kg
Half 2 kg – 4 kg
Slice 500 gr


Bulk with bone
Vacuum deboned