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The Guerriero family has more than 40 years of experience in the processing of pork, starting from the selection of the raw material and along the entire chain. Supply has always been considered a business priority.

The attention in the selection of pigs and breeders was in fact one of the weapons that launched the company. The anchor is the uniformity of the purchased pigs that, together with the homogeneity of genetics and diets, allows a continuity and constancy in the product offered.

The average slaughtered weight is higher than the national average as a heavier animal with more months of life offers better meat and consequently a better quality to our customers.

These peculiarities of the raw material are particularly important in the salting processing, the pivotal process of ham production. The homogeneity of the thighs is a fundamental prerequisite to obtain a high quality product: different fat qualities lead to unequal penetration of salt.

Over the years, the Guerriero family has always been deeply linked to the territory and its traditions, which is why they have recently chosen to invest in one of the most important ham factories in Veneto, with a production capacity of 4000 hams per week.